15 August 2017

KingCast is Covering an EEOC Sex Discrimination Complaint Against Seattle Lifestyle Giant Tommy Bahama.

Kimberly Doucette's Certificate for harassment/fairness prevention.
Quelle Coincidence!

Note: I sent emails and phone calls regarding this matter to Tommy Bahama HR VP Joan Wright on or about 15 August, 2017 seeking a reply by the end of last week. I heard nothing, but when the company checked up on my journal page after that, I wrote them assuming that they were preparing to respond to me, however that does not appear to be the case.  At this time I am posting this journal entry and I will complete video production by Wednesday of this week.

When Kimberly Doucett landed her first job with clothing food and lifestyle leading company Tommy Bahama as a basic web designer she had no idea she would be fighting to sue her employer for sex discrimination and trying to figure out how she suddenly became far less than a model employee. 

Doucett claims that she garnered great work reviews over the years on her way to a position as a digital design manager and a recent statement by one of her former co-workers seems to support that notion: The source wrote a letter to HR VP Joan Wright. I am not aware of any written correspondence in return. 

The source claims that based on her years of experience with people who directly reported to Ms. Doucett she was: 
“Thoughtful and thorough…… easily one of the hardest-working, most focused members of the Design team."  According to this source Ms. Doucett “kept her team's work consistent and on-brand, and managed with heart.” 
The source states further that she “could see no legitimate reason for Kim to be reprimanded and put on a P.I.P.” and that it was a “smear campaign.” 
"It is baffling to me that her behavior or work would have been so called into question that disciplinary action was warranted.”......  “It felt like a tactic to oust her from her position and department, and to make way for new management.” 
The source claims that Ms. Doucett was scared after the false PIP and felt she would not be heard by anyone in the company. The source claims that Mike Eustice displayed a dismissive or condescending attitude toward women. 

Ms. Doucett claims that she received a false performance review from Mike Eustice, and that the company selectively “lost” other favorable performance reviews whilst constructively discharging her last month. She claims that the company did not truly have an open door policy when employee situations like hers arose. She further claims that the company tried to force her into a standard severance package immediately after the review and that she never resigned from the company, instead taking vacation time. 

The company policy expressly states that resignations should be in writing:

Here at KingCast, I want to know whether Ms. Doucett received any reprimands prior to Mr. Eustice’s arrival, i.e. whether she received any reprimands or constructive discipline in the six (6) years she worked for the company? 

And of course I want to know the age and sex of all or any of the employees in digital design over the past couple of years and who received discipline, promotion, termination, etc. etc. so I will await the findings of the EEOC investigation, hot off the heels of an Action filed against Big5 Sporting Goods alleging horrendous acts of racism at the Oak Harbor Store. 

Perhaps coincidentally the Complaining Party in this case hails from Oak Harbor. For more on EEOC v. Big5 click here. The Federal Docket Number in Western District Court here in Seattle is 2:17-CV-01098.

Let's review some documents relative to Ms. Doucett's missing performance reviews in this colloquy between HR VP Joan Wright and Ms. Doucett shall we:
I just looked up your manager history. Looks like James was your manager for the 2013 review and 2014 review. The 2013 cancelled as it was not complete. Looks like the 2014 was also cancelled because James left in early January 2015 and the 14 review was not complete. Then for 2015 we never launched the review process.
Fascinating isn't it. What is the real answer.... stay tuned. 

10 August 2017

KingCast asks Pepper Underfoot the Australian Cattle Dog: "Spoiled, Much?"

No Sir, no spoiling going on around here.  Nope.

There is a serious dearth of attention being given to 

As such, I have launched a campaign to try to ease her pain
and to bring her out of her suffering. I am open to ideas.
Here are some offerings from me and others over the past week or so:

Michele bought a new truck for Peppers to play in
with her boy Bodey.

These ladies offered up beer and hugs.

My Ohio Homie Steve was trying to figure out how to spoil Pepper since 1988, 
27 years before she was even born LOL.

Tim offers treats and hugs.

Papa takes naps with her on the lawn.

Throngs of revelers seek her attention 24/7.

So really, the situation is dire so any ideas you have 
will be duly noted and appreciated!

01 August 2017

KingCast Laughs as Kelly Ayotte BFF and Racist Bigot Xenophobe Joe Arpaio is Found in Contempt of Court, Guilty of Racism.

Hahahahaa.... funny how the Truth always comes out isn't it. From today's BBC story.

"He was found to have violated a judge's 2001 order that he cease detaining migrants who are not suspected of having committed a state crime. Judge Susan Bolton determined that by detaining those living in the US illegally, Mr Arpaio was acting as a de facto wing of the federal government. He faces up to six months in prison. However, lawyers say it is unlikely that he will ever serve time behind bars." (KingCast Note:  Of course not. He's a government official).
Now then let's take a trip down Memory Lane shall we?  You see my video capture of Sheriff Joe Arpaio from the Kelly Ayotte rally in 2010, noting him to be a "bigot xenophobe?"  Yep.  So this was from back in the 2010 Day when U.S. Senate Candidate Kelly Ayotte hated me for exposing all of her bullshit on the Like Kenney Greg Floyd Bruce McKay double homicide case, and her failed attempt to prosecute me as NAACP Legal Chair, and her failed attempt to nab me for Unauthorized Practice of Law?  Meanwhile the Mayor of Nashua and Aldermen awarded me a Commendation for First Amendment work.


Well at that time she and Sheriff Joe got away with blocking me from a publicly-advertised public event, chaperoned by on duty Nashua Police Officers.  She used Landya B. McCafferty as Magistrate Judge to do her dirty work, McCafferty having worked for the same law firm (McLane) as Kelly.... while Jack McLane served as my opposing Counsel. Not one person ever told me about this. I figured it out with David Riddley of Riddley Report and then forced her to recuse herself. Watch the video.  

Meanwhile the idiots at Politico and a wanker by the name of David Shankbone wrote it all up as if I had no idea what I was talking about, well fuck them too as I noted that unlike Kelly Ayotte, I've actually won First Amendment trials, ahem. Watch the video.  So piss on the lot of ya, especially Sheriff Joe :)

PS:  NH had had attempted a similar initiative criminalizing undocumented workers ...... I asked him about it right here: https://youtu.be/b8E5y04ryb4?t=2m40s

21 July 2017

KingCast Sees EEOC Sue Big 5 Sporting Goods for Alleged Whidbey Island Racism.

The EEOC has filed this lawsuit in Washington Western District Federal Court.

The EEOC alleges that they referred to a black male management trainee and long-term Whidbey Island resident as "spook" "boy" and "king kong."

From the press release:

Robert Sanders was the only African-American employee at Big 5's location on Whidbey Island. According to the EEOC's investigation, the store manager and various assistant managers called Sanders "spook," "boy" and "King Kong" and told him that he had the "face of a janitor." The agency found that even though Sanders repeatedly reported this conduct to upper management, the company failed to act and Sanders instead faced escalated harassment as well as retaliation in the form of increased workloads, denial of breaks, and unwarranted discipline. After he was forced to take several leaves due to stress, one assistant manager told Sanders, "We will hang you, we will seriously lynch you if you call in again this week." Another assistant manager asked Sanders if he was "ready to commit suicide," offering "assistance" when he was ready to do so.

"I came prepared to work hard and put in my dues to become a manager," Sanders said. "But I was met with comments about my race: 'You're the perfect definition of 'spook' because your skin is so dark, but your teeth are so white.' And it went downhill from there, to being taunted by another manager trainee about 'ending up in a river, dead.' Whidbey Island is a small place, and I didn't want to leave my house. I felt like Big 5 took away my ability to not just succeed at work, but to simply live my life with dignity and without fear."

15 July 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say Klein v. Litchfield, Cavo 15-CV-03646 (SDNY) is Proof of Corporate Pig Sexism in Addition to the Racism in KingCast v. Mark W. Rattan.

Well folks we saw in this journal entry and Bar Complaint how Litchfield, Cavo Partner Mark W. Rattan attacked my stationary camera and me during a disciplinary hearing against foreclosure defense attorney Wendy Alison Nora.

When I filed my Bar Complaint with the Office of Lawyer Regulation they hired another stiff white male, Terry L. Johnson to defend. Johnson sets out on the war path, attacking each and everything in my past even though my skirmishes with various corporate and state entities always ended on a positive note for me, or demonstrating liability for employment violations or racism or First Amendment violations on their part. You can read about that in my reply at bottom but today we are here to discuss the theory that those in glass houses..... might now want to throw stones:
The simple fact of the matter is that Litchfield, Cavo have been sued in Federal Court for being sexist pigs so that fits perfectly into this puzzle, along with Wells Fargo hired Counsel walking around calling people who look like Petitioner “niggers.”

Klein v. Litchfield, Cavo 15-CV-03646, Cavo as reported by Above the Law, here is my email to the Office of Lawyer Regulation, Johnson and others:

Yah if we want to play that game let's talk about a Name Partner and his sexism shall we?http://abovethelaw.com/2015/05/so-i-cant-tell-my-associate-to-do-more-to-satisfy-her-husband/ 

On that subject, another way to get to know your employees is to spend some time with their family. Defendant Eckert also discussed Plaintiff Klein’s sex life with her husband and said 

“I feel your pain, I don’t know how you’re married to Bari.” 

While each day the conversation would begin relating to work, Defendant Eckert would inevitably bring the conversation to relate to Plaintiff Klein’s personal life. Those conversations included questions about how often Plaintiff Klein had sex with her husband, how it felt to have sex in her parents’ home, why Plaintiff Klein did not have sex more often and asking if plaintiff Klein would ever cheat on her husband. 

Apparently, Klein didn’t appreciate all this alleged great advice and asked her firm to do something about it. As Law 360 reports: Klein regularly told the firm’s partners about Eckert’s behavior, saying she felt she was being treated differently because of her gender, but nothing was done to improve the situation, according to the complaint. 

Klein had a “severe” panic attack one day in the office, but the firm did not call for an ambulance until Klein’s mother, who learned what happened, called one of the partners and demanded that her daughter be taken to the hospital. By firing Klein only five days after she returned from her FMLA leave, it will be difficult for Litchfield Cavo to argue that the two are not connected, her attorney, Jesse Rose, told Law 360 Tuesday. 


But see, it wasn’t retaliation, the firm just thought she needed more time to recover and… yeah, I can’t push this pretense any more. Klein seeks compensatory and punitive damages of an unspecified amount and Litchfield Cavo and Eckert have a pretty dismal set of allegations to overcome. 

........I suppose this is all my fault as well? The fact of the matter is, in my 52 years on this planet as a black man sensitive to the concerns of all minorities and people of moderate to lower-incomes (including many white males) I have come to know the presence of Hegemony, Racism, Sexism and that progeny of social anathema. Consider it as parallel to the Miller Test for obscenity, 

"I know it when I see it." 

And so it should come to pass that with a few key strokes in PACER I uncover this gem, fomented by another PARTNER. That corporate sickness trickles down folks, and it trickles right on down the tops of the heads of people like Mark W. Rattan, but not on my watch it doesn't. I have a history of exposing corruption and it is not about to stop now. Apparently I should have been spending more time in PACER to learn about nasty white men and the nasty white men who defend them. This one is going up on the blog and into the public SCRIBD document later today. 


12 July 2017

KingCast Motorsports Explains the Bimmer vs. Beemer Thing.

It's so simple. Cars are Bimmers and bikes are Beemers.  I found an old photo of my '87 535is and yesterday I saw a '78 R100 S....  I got to nurse one of those back to some sort of rideable health while I held it in trust for a dear friend of mine.  I loved that bike. This particular bike is in exceptional condition and would make any Beemer owner proud.

11 July 2017

KingCast Sees Fang and Pepper Underfoot buy him a New Car!

Papa we like this one the best because the seat heaters still work!