08 December 2017

KingCast Was Chasing Livi, One Year Ago Today.

This will be my last post before Adam P. Karp files suit next week. He will be linking the fundraising page and providing posts as things are filed. Believe me I am thrilled to turn over all of our research to him and let him have at it. It will be interesting because I am at liberty to say that part of the argument here is that Kristina's post-death conduct provides an actual claim for emotional damages.  

So anyway this was my last ride with my best friend, before a a goddamn liar named Kristina Robinson (now Kristina Amlak) killed her by leaving her alone with a house full of her own pack of pit bulls, two other pack dogs of customers, and a house cat. 

She did this knowing that her dog Nova had violent tendencies.

She did this knowing that she had left dogs alone on prior occasion, with injury. This according to her own email to her OTHER clients.

She lied and said we were not paying clients.

She then killed her own dog Bullet (their least favorite) for no articulable reason, then went around saying "we lost a family member too."  She could have re-homed Bullet, and he could not have been a pack leader, ipso facto he's the youngest.  Kristina Alma is indeed a fucking DOG KILLER. 

She then used her buddies at Mountlake Terrace City Hall to completely devalue my family by giving her a slap on the wrist for a $1,000.00 fine even though they gave her a goddamn Cease and Desist 3 years earlier for nonconforming use. They gave her a reduction in fine from $13K down to $1K for "Good Faith." Where is the Good Faith? She willingly violated the fucking law and killed our dog through gross recklessness.

She then twice tried (and failed) to obtain TRO's to prevent me from talking about what she did.  She relied on a racist architecture and a bigoted Judge Jeffrey D. Goodwin, who slapped me with a $300 fine for her lost wages when I was late to Court. That goddamn son of a bitch then refused to grant me one thin dime when her stupid ass and her husband's stupid ass failed to appear in Court. That is all going to be appealed in Snohomish County Courts all the way to the Supreme Court of Washington so I can show what a jackass he is.  In the link above, Judge Fair listened to my arguments in a Mandamus Hearing and said "I cannot say what was going through his mind."  

Yah, no shit Sherlock.  I'll help you out:

"That nigger's got too much knowledge and swagger, I have got to tell him who's boss."

No. I will show YOU who the boss is you goddamn cracker. Win or lose, I get to have a neat single transcript to show the World what an unprincipled Jurist you are, and let's see what the Judicial Ethics Committee does with you.  You're familiar with them, right. You know, when they reprimanded you for discourteous conduct a couple of years ago right.

Judge Fair and I spoke for a bit after my Mandamus Hearing the other day. He seems a reasonable man.  He also genuinely seemed at a loss to understand WTF his Brother was doing on that bench in this case.

I know what I'm thinking:  I miss our baby.

I also know what Livi's mom is thinking:  I miss our baby.

05 December 2017

KingCast Sees Racist Snohomish Judge Jeffrey D Goodwin Protect Dog Killer Kristina Amlak.

Merry Christmas Your Honor. You've been very naughty protecting that dumbassed white girl Kristina Alma, the killer of Livi the Wonderdog.

More at Watchdogfordog FB.

03 December 2017

KingCast Presents: Supermoon!

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present: Breakfast with Peppers!

Just Daddy and his littlest girl today! The question remains, whose plate is whose and why is that gargoyle imitating Pepper?

01 December 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies on Rape and Abuse Culture: The Fish Rots From the Head.

Photo preserved by Betty J. King. Thanks mom!

I have fought systemic patriarchal abuse for decades.
A short history lesson with Matt Lauer, Andy Lack, William R. Hensley, Hamilton Ohio Police, Mark W. Rattan and Terry E. Johnson.

Soooo..... A detractor with an agenda showed up on my FB yesterday and talked a lot of smack. Come to find out it is a friend of Kristina Robinson/Kristina Amlak, the goddamn lying-assed dumb fucking asshole who killed my dog last year on 29 December 2016 by leaving Livi the Wonderdog and her little brother Fangy completely alone in her house with her pack of pit bulls and a loose family cat. Whereupon Nova, one of her favorite dogs, promptly murdered Livi. 

Look here asshole:  I hereby make the record clear: 

First, we have secured funding to sue your ass this month.

Second, I have been fighting rape and abuse culture for DECADES. 

Keeping it classy.

We sued a dirty cop right after I left the AG's Office in 1995 because we knew him to be abusive. He choked my client on a bogus traffic stop for DUI when the guy doesn't drink or drug, fact. Driving While Black. See the short video from the Jury view practice below. I may have trial footage from the trumped up traffic case that we won as well. 

The Ohio Court of Claims determined he was a Crime Victim at the hands of these cops.

Anyway, I remember conversations about this cop,William R. Hensley with my client and we surmised that he prolly abused women too, and of course we were correct as it turns out. Enquirer 2003.

But much like #MattLauer or other high-powered men of privilege however earned or granted, the powers that be covered it up. They even made him a Detective in 1999, one year after they paid us $57,500 for the abuse! That was a decent chunk of change for a client who did not sustain any visible injury, mind you. 

We are supposed to place our trust in the POLICE right, by power of example and if the POLICE can't or won't get it right how or why should we expect Hollywood to get it right, no way. When do we run the people of out office who continue to allow it, that is a question of paramount importance. Because until that happens, any steps forward will be truly incremental -- even glacial -- in nature. #AndyLack 

And it is true in the ongoing bar complaint against #MarkRattan of #LitchfieldCavo, the abusive lawyer who assaulted me last spring. They are doing his lawyer and him solid with all kinds of favors even though his lawyer officially does not represent him because he NEVER ACTUALLY SIGNED THE PLEADINGS as required by law.

As to detractors, go right ahead, I don't care because I know the Truth: 

The fish rots from the head. 

Rape & abuse culture continues because powers that be allow it in general. We sued Hamilton cop Hensley way back in 1996 and Ohio Court of Claims paid out for making Michael Isreal a victim of violent crime. In 2003 you covered his ongoing antics

Bonus Round: Norman Bruce McKay, Ms. B's Affidavit and the "Penis-Shaped Knife."

Prepping for a Jury View in the bogus traffic case brought by 
Officers Rhodes and Hensley against Michael Isreal in 1997.

Wait a minute now... it get's "better." I forgot at the end of that tape (watch below) I expose a cop named McFadden for lying. It was not the first time he lied though, as proved in Ohio Court of Appeals Franklin County 73-AP-292: He lied about witnessing his partner getting his brains blown out and Allan E. Thrower faced time on Death Row because of it. Investigator Martin Yant's book references this. I also knew Martin from my days as law clerk to Cleveland's Terry Gilbert. Yah, I've done my Civic Duty and will continue to do so. 

But until police and other people in authority straighten up and fly right, nothing is going to change. At least my client Jerry Doyle was Not Guilty of criminal trespass for protesting a corrupt Columbus School Board. My eulogy for Mr. Doyle is here.  You see me bust this cop McFadden for lying yet again by using Officer Johnson on the witness stand. She totally hated my client and me but who also refused to lie. It's obvious watch her face as the video starts at 3:51 as you can see in the thumbnail.

28 November 2017

KingCast Presents: Mobile Phones, Police GPS and the Confederate Flag -- Three Thorny SCOTUS Constitutional Cases.

1. Police Tracking Cell Phones. Carpenter v. United States. 

I had wondered about this one just prior to law school in 1990 some twenty-seven (27) years ago when I wrote for the Indianapolis Star, before there was a hint of digitized newspapers.

Fourth Amendment scholar Orin Kerr contends that the idea of tracking someone's movements in public is not new. The police, for instance, tail a suspect, or check on his alibi. Only when they search the suspect's home or person do they have to get a court-approved warrant. Kerr contends that the cell-cite location records at issue in this case "are basically the network equivalent of public observation that traditionally would not be protected" by a warrant requirement. 

After all, he notes, the cell-site location information is not maintained by government decree. Rather, wireless providers keep the data recorded by cell towers in order to monitor and improve their service. Nathan Freed Wessler of the American Civil Liberties Union is challenging that argument in the Supreme Court. 

This kind of cellphone technology "really changes the game and threatens to upend our expectation of privacy in the digital age," he says. After all, he argues, this wasn't a case of the police following a shady person. "They decided after the fact they wanted to try to tie him [Carpenter] to a crime," Wessler says, "and never before in the history of this country has the government had the power to press rewind on someone's life and chart out where they were going over the course of four months." 

2. See also United States v. Jones on GPS Tracking. Basically it is an unlawful search and violates a reasonable expectation of Privacy.

3.  Moore v. Governor Bryant on Confederate Flag Challenge.
The High Court dodged a well-tendered Confederate Flag lawsuit out of Mississippi.
"The central question was whether the man had standing to sue — which depended on whether he had experienced an 'injury in fact.' The appeals court didn't deny that the flag might have a deep and personal effect on the man. They said he demonstrated that he feels stigmatized. "But feeling stigmatized, they said, isn't the kind of injury you can sue the state over." 
In his appeal to the Supreme Court, Moore argued that the lower court interpreted the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause too narrowly. 

[Carlos Moore (Law firm link)] called for the Supreme Court to declare Mississippi statutes on how the flag should be designed and displayed as unconstitutional. He also wanted the justices to deem unconstitutional a statute that called for schoolchildren in the state — such as his own daughter — to be taught "proper respect" for the flag and for the " 'official pledge of the State of Mississippi,' which reads: I salute the flag of Mississippi and the sovereign state for which it stands with pride in her history and achievements and with confidence in her future under the guidance of Almighty God."

"The message in Mississippi's flag has always been one of racial hostility and insult and it is pervasive and unavoidable by both children and adults," Moore's appeal reads. "The state's continued expression of its message of racial disparagement sends a message to African-American citizens of Mississippi that they are second class citizens."

Moore said in court documents that for him, exposure to the flag is "painful, threatening, and offensive." He added that seeing the flag at courthouses creates a "hostile work and business environment."

....speaking of hostile, I tweeted Tucker & Moore yesterday because the Confederate Flag mentality fuels outright hostility, violence and deceit manifest by some high-dollar white attorneys who deem it perfectly acceptable to physically attack me and lie about it whilst I am lawfully running video of a public legal proceeding. Mark W. Rattan and his purported attorney Terry Johnson. Even though Attorney Johnson has not actually signed a single filing, in direct contravention of law. Specifically WI Stat. §808.05 Watch:

25 November 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Wisconsin Bar Slam Superlawyer Terry Johnson Over Unsigned Pleadings.

I see this game played out all the time. See Terry Crews get assaulted and not able to punch back as noted in today's WashPost.

Crews alleged that talent agent Adam Venit groped his genitals at a Hollywood party. Crews acknowledges the obvious question: Why wouldn’t a man of his muscle just wallop any predator? The actor wanted to fight him, to strike back, he has said, but feared that the situation would be misperceived since he is a large black man. He didn’t want to end up in jail or lose his career. 

At first, he thought it was a joke. Then Venit walked over, reached out and “squeezes my genitals” while sticking his tongue out, Crews told Strahan. Venit allegedly jumped back, then tried to grab him again, but Crews slapped his hand away. “I felt nothing but rage,” Crews said. He wanted to hurt Venit, to “punch a hole in his head.” 

 But he restrained himself after remembering something his wife, Rebecca King-Crews, had told him years earlier: “She said, ‘Terry, you can never handle any situation like this with violence. You are a target.’ ” He knew how the media and the general public might perceive the interaction. “ ‘240 lbs. Black Man stomps out Hollywood Honcho’ would be the headline the next day,” Crews said on Twitter. He told Strahan he wouldn’t have just gone to jail, he would have been “under the jail.” 

“One thing I knew, that being a large African American man in America, I would immediately be seen as a thug. But I’m not a thug. I’m an artist,” Crews told Strahan, adding, “I know how close I came to losing it all.”

[Note: I said -- And I forgot I'm writing this at WashPost.... hell you can ask Cousin Mike (Wilbon) -- I do have a big mouth. I am the rabble-rouser of the family no doubt about it. But when I'm sitting there in my chair lawfully running video you can't just assault me because I'm black and you have more power than me to get away with it.

I'm not having it.] 


I see this game played out all the damn time:  The curious case of Jason Vassell..... How white boys attack a black boy and black boy gets charged. Shift the blame to the nigger, I get it. 

I totally forgot about the case of Jason Vassell I covered when I first started shooting my own video in 2010/2011: Two white boys totally attacked this guy in his own dorm and he defended himself with a box cutter from work and the State went after him and didn't even charge one of the other boys with anything. They eventually dismissed the charges (video) after much public outcry. It was complete and utter fucking bullshit, and it is the same complete and utter fucking bullshit going on here. 

The State ACLU borrowed one of my photos and it appeared in their calendar for the coming year. 

Now then, here is your background about the abusive white male of privilege who basically assaulted me during a public hearing in which I was lawfully seated and running video, following the Rule and Law of the case.  As it turns out, the creep who did it is allegedly represented by  yet another creep whose initial claim to fame was representing a Frat House known for inappropriate conduct.  Anyway, the attorney of record has not actually signed a single pleading. That's per se illegal, but the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Responsibility has steadfastly ignored that fact. 

So Iet them have it, but good.

I am moving to Strike the Pleadings and to Recuse Terry E. Johnson as Counsel for Respondent Mark Rattan, as it is now patently obvious that he is receiving special favors by way of his membership on the relevant Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Responsibility Committee:

We live in a Nation of Laws, dammit. And when the fucking law in Wisconsin says the Attorney of Record has to sign the Pleadings and Filings, that is exactly what it means.

802.05  Signing of pleadings, motions, and other papers; representations to court; sanctions.

(1)  Signature. Every pleading, written motion, and other paper shall be signed by at least one attorney of record in the attorney's individual name, or, if the party is not represented by an attorney, shall be signed by the party. Each paper shall state the signer's address and telephone number, and state bar number, if any. Except when otherwise specifically provided by rule or statute, pleadings need not be verified or accompanied by affidavit. An unsigned paper shall be stricken unless omission of the signature is corrected promptly after being called to the attention of the attorney or party.

The purpose of requiring a handwritten signature on pleadings, made by the attorney of record, is not only to clarify who is accountable for an invalid claim, but also to guarantee that an attorney who is familiar with the procedural and substantive laws of state has read the claims and has made an assessment of the claims' validity. Schaefer v. Riegelman (2002) 639 N.W.2d 715, 250 Wis.2d 494. Pleading 288 *505 

¶ 17 Section 802.05(1)(a) clearly lays out the basic requirements for a sufficient signature on a complaint. The signature must (1) be handwritten; (2) be the signature of an attorney of record; and (3) be in that attorney's name. Although the signature in this case was handwritten, it was not the signature of the attorney of record in that attorney's own name. Because no attorney of record signed the pleadings in accordance with § 802.05(1)(a), the pleadings were defective. To the extent that Novak left anything less than clear, Shaefer was unambiguous: (5) defect in pleadings was fundamental and, thus, circuit court lacked jurisdiction over attorney, overruling Novak v. Phillips, 246 Wis.2d 673, 631 N.W.2d 635. 

Schiessle v. Karls 2010 WL 7746448 (Dane Cty 2010) is inapposite: There was no basis for Prejudice because the case had just been initiated and no legal theorems had been argued. That is vastly the opposite from this case, in which Complaining Party raised the issue months ago only to have Respondent chortle at him and attempt to mock him, repeatedly. i.e. 13 Nov. 

Sorry—you are only permitted to get one substantive comment from me in one day. Terry E. Johnson

OK Terry, Your Move, Bro.

23 November 2017

When Rainbows Hurt: KingCast and Raspberri Give Thanks and Gratitude on Thanksgiving Day for Your Support of Livi the Wonderdog.

When Rainbows hurt: 

Something very special happened yesterday. There was a three-way intersection at the base of yesterday's Giant Rainbow on Seattle's North Side that tied together Livi's mom, myself and our friend Alex, who lost his dog Rob on the same day of Livi's murder.  Livi's mom and I show appreciation and gratitude for everyone who has supported us in any in our endeavor to obtain recompense and closure in the limited sense, and to alert and to educate in the larger sense.

This is a POV short film about the emotional damage caused by the reckless conduct of Kristina Robinson, A/K/A Kristina Amlak, owner of defunct Precious Paws and current owner of Kitty Catfe in Edmonds, WA.

For those new to the subject, she allowed her own pack of large breed dogs (i.e. Pit Bull mixes in this instance) to be completely alone with no human pack leader in a house with a family cat and two other pack dogs for 45 minutes on 29 December, 2016.

According to her and to the Police Report, one of her favored dogs Nova killed Livi the Wonderdog, a beautiful German Shorthair Pointer while Livi's little brother Fang (a Chihuahua Fox Terrier mix) watched in horror. You see him briefly in the video the day they met and Livi had no clue what he was, you can see it on her LOL... "What is this thing?"

Kristina then euthanized (read: killed, murdered IMO) the youngest and newest member of her pack, in sympathy when in point of fact she was on Actual Knowledge that it was one of her favored dogs, Nova, who actually had aggressive tendencies. Nova growled at the investigating officer after she killed Livi, it is in the police report.

She would later admit to other clients that she has left dogs alone on prior occasion with injury. Really.

Not to be outdone, she wasted a lot of our attorney Adam Karp's time and twice attempted to obtain restraining order and to put me in jail for dropping a dime about her deceitful ways:

She had received a Cease and Desist Order in 2014 from the City of Mountlake Terrace but instead of posting signs on the property, the City overlooked everything as Kristina continued operations, thereby indirectly assisting in Livi's murder.

She would later lie and say that we were friends and were not paying clients. I have it in writing. Too bad for her that also had bank receipts and PayPal notifications to prove otherwise.

And friends? Livi's mom and her talked shop a couple of times. We have never so much as had a beer together or fucking gone ANYWHERE together with these people, Kristina or her husband Ahadu Amlaktereda.

Several Domestic Violence police visits to that house, go figure.

No card, no flowers, no formal written apology go figure.

Never provided insurance information until after our lawyer got involved, go figure.

She is a disgusting human being, inside and out and now that I can foresee suing her in the next month, I feel some measure of closure coming forth.